Rotateq Vaccine

The rotavirus is the leading cause of severe diarrhea in infants. The infection can cause mild, moderate, and severe forms of diarrhea that are characterized by fever, vomiting, and dehydration. Severe dehydration caused by severe rotavirus infection can be life threatening.

Rotateq Vaccine Markham Travel Health Clinic

Rotateq is an oral vaccine that helps to protect infants and young children from the common forms of rotavirus. The vaccine is given in three doses. The Rotateq vaccine is a small dose of live rotavirus. The vaccine causes the body’s immune system to create antibodies to attack the rotavirus preventing infection.

Dosing for Rotateq is done if three doses of the vaccine. The first dose is given at six to twelve weeks of age, the second is given four to ten weeks later, and the third dose is given four to ten weeks after the second dose. The final dose should be given before the child is 32 weeks of age.

Rotateq was approved for use by the FDA in February 2006.

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