We provide Covid-19 antibody results within 24-48 hours

All Chinese and foreign passengers who are to fly from Canada to China will be required to take nucleic acid and IgM anti-body tests within two days before boarding, and provide certificates of negative results of both tests.

Considering COVID-19 Antibody testing
If you suspect that you previously had COVID-19, even if you never showed symptoms or signs of illness, your healthcare provider can order an antibody test to assess recent or prior infection. Antibody responses to the virus take some time to develop and vary between individuals. For most accurate results (results with highest sensitivity) it is recommended the antibody test is ordered 3-4 weeks post-onset of symptoms or post-exposure. However, based on current studies, antibodies to COVID-19 virus can be detected up to 4 months post-exposure.

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如果你怀疑你以前有过新型冠状病毒感染的肺炎,即使你从未出现过疾病症状或体征,你的医疗保健提供者也可以下令进行抗体测试,以评估最近或之前的感染。抗体对病毒的反应需要一些时间来发展,并且因人而异。对于最准确的结果(灵敏度最高的结果),建议在出现症状或接触后 3-4 周后进行抗体测试。然而,根据目前的研究,可检测到暴露后长达 4 个月的新型冠状病毒抗体。



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