Japanese Encephalitis

Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) is spread through the bite of an infected Culex mosquito. It is a serious infection in many areas of Asia.

Most people who are infected will have no symptoms others will have headache and fever. JEV can cause a swelling of the brain called encephalitis. Twenty-five percent of severe Japanese encephalitis infections result in death.

apanese Encephalitis Vaccine  Markham Travel Health Clinic

The Japanese encephalitis vaccine is an inactive vaccine given in two doses four weeks apart. The vaccine is usually effective one week after the second dose is administered.

Travelers 17 years and older who plan to visit or live in rural areas of Asia should be vaccinated for Japanese encephalitis. Under certain circumstances, some people should not receive the vaccine; ask your doctor if you should get it.

If you are planning to travel outside Canada and wondering if you need to get vaccinated based on your destination country,

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